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Despite getting my first personal training certificate in 2015, I haven't always been a fine example of fitness.

After dealing with personal trauma, I decided I needed a life change and found my way into the fitness and health. I wound up getting several certifications in the field of fitness and yoga, and have done nutrition courses. Unfortunately, as life does, things were thrown my way and my physical and mental health took a back seat.


Toward the end of 2019, my mother and I had an honest conversation about my health - I wasn't well. There were doctors concerned I was going to become pre-diabetic, I had been diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and I was dealing with a whole host of ailments: acne, shin splints, knee inflammation and cartilage damage, mysterious rashes, anxiety, migraines...and I was absolutely and undeniably addicted to food.


As the new year rang in, I made a promise to myself to heal. Covid ended up being just the push I needed and I began focusing on myself: my mind and my body. Food became fuel to nourish and heal, and exercise became a habit I desperately looked forward to every day. My journey has not always been easy - it has had ups and downs, but it has led me to become a better version of myself.


Now, I believe I can appropriately apply the tools I've learned in my certifications (with a new one, Certified Carnivore Coach!) and help others become the best versions of themselves. We all deserve our health, and now, more than ever, we need it.


  • Yoga

    • Baptiste Power Yoga

    • personal​

    • group

    • corporate setting

  • Personal Training

    • personal​

    • group

  • Group Fitness

    • HIIT​

    • Bootcamp

    • Barre

    • Dry-land training

  • Carnivore Coaching

    • Ketogentic​

    • Ketovore

    • Carnivore

    • Certified in the science and the real-life results

All training and coaching can be offered through my in-home studio, at your house, or by zoom. Personal training and yoga sessions for individuals start at $60/hour. A 30-minute consult for nutritional coaching starts at $20/hour (please note I am not a nutritionist and can only provide information regarding a ketogenic or carnivore diet). Group rate sessions vary depending on the size of the class and what needs to be offered.

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2021                                                   2022

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